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Category: Programs

Business& Management
Image August 14, 2019 Business& Management,Programs undergraduate

Business & Management is one of the most popular fields of study, teaching you everything there is to know about running a successful business. Business & Management includes subdisciplines like Project Management, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and others. A Business degree, such as an MBA or a Master’s in Management will cover

Computer Science & IT
Image August 14, 2019 Computer Science & IT,Programs undergraduate

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science & IT cover a wide range of specialisations – everything from programming, Video Games, and Multimedia to Human-Computer Interaction, IT Security, Health Informatics, Cloud Technologies and much more. While studying a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, you will learn all there is to know about designing and building

Arts, Design & Architecture
Image August 14, 2019 Arts, Design & Architecture,Programs undergraduate

Arts, Design & Architecture is a group of disciplines that enable students to use creativity, design principles, theories, methods and tools in order to create a more beautiful and functional world. People who work in Arts, Design & Architecture develop projects, plans, designs and concepts for everything, from buildings, monuments, clothes, and devices to intuitive

Applied Sciences & Professions
Image August 14, 2019 Applied Sciences & Professions,Programs undergraduate

Applied Sciences & Professions are a group of disciplines that help you develop specific skills needed to practise a certain profession. Although theoretical courses are included, Applied Sciences & Professions stand out through their practical knowledge and hands-on approach. They are the type of degrees that turn students into specialists upon graduation. That’s why students

Agriculture & Forestry
Image August 14, 2019 Agriculture & Forestry,Programs undergraduate

Agriculture & Forestry is a vital scientific field that focuses on plants, animals, and the environments in which they thrive. You’ll learn about forest restoration, managing natural resources, food production, and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us. Experts in Agriculture & Forestry also work with crop rotation and preserving the soil’s mineral qualities. They

Education & Training
Image August 14, 2019 Education & Training,Programs undergraduate

Studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education & Training is a great choice if you want to teach and inspire people of all ages and help them develop and be able to overcome life-challenges and find creative solutions to difficult situations that come up in life. Education & Training is a multidisciplinary field that

Engineering & Technology
Image August 14, 2019 Engineering & Technology,Programs undergraduate

Engineering & Technology is a broad set of subjects that deal with everything connected to the design, manufacture, and maintenance of infrastructure, devices, tools, and information systems used by society on a daily basis. These are some of the subfields included in Engineering & Technology: Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Computer

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
Image August 14, 2019 Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences,Programs undergraduate

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences is a multidisciplinary subject that focuses on studying the interactions between humans and the environment. The main objective is solving real-world problems like pollution, deforestation, waste production, or global warming. Some of the subfields of Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences are Geology, Climate Studies and Meteorology, Toxicology, Biodiversity and Conservation,

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports
Image August 14, 2019 Hospitality, Leisure & Sports,Programs undergraduate

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports is a larger category of disciplines that has given rise to a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sports Management, Hospitability Management, Culinary Arts, Event Management, and Tourism & Leisure. You should choose one of these disciplines if you love socialising, traveling, preparing tasty dishes, planning events, or managing sport

Image August 14, 2019 Law,Programs undergraduate

Law is a discipline that deals with understanding and interpreting the rules, statutes, decrees, and regulations that govern social behaviour. The dignified men and women who practise it daily do so for the sake of maintaining lawfulness and ensuring justice is served. Some of the most popular subfields within Law include European or International Law,